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    Basic Information about Greece

    Greece is situated on the southern tip of the Balkan Peninsula in South East Europe; its territory also includes several hundred islands in the Ionian and Aegean Seas. Around 20% of the total land area is comprised of islands. Mountains and hills dominate the landscape accounting for nearly 80% of the total land area. The capital of the country is Athens. Greece has a population of 10.7 million. The official language is Greek with 98% of the population speaking it, although English and French are also widely understood.

    The Higher Education System

    Greece has 18 university institutions (AEI) and 14 institutions of technological education (TEI). Technological Educational Institutions (TEI) form part of the higher education system just as the universities, but belong to the non-university sector. There are also Military Academies. The diplomas awarded by certain private post-secondary education institutions are not recognized by the State.
    University level first stage: Proptychiakes Spoudes (undergraduate level studies)
    Undergraduate degree programs at universities normally last four years (eight semesters) and lead to a Ptychio (Bachelor) in the relevant field.
    University level second stage: Metaptychiakes Spoudes (postgraduate studies)
    The first level of postgraduate studies lasts a minimum of two years (four semesters) and leads to a Metaptychiako Díploma Exidíkefsis (Postgraduate Diploma of Specialization, equivalent to Master’s degree). This study program may be taken and completed in a University or research institute outside Greece. The degree, however, is awarded in Greece.
    University level third stage: Didaktorikes Metaptychiakes Spoudes (doctoral studies)
    The doctoral degree (Didaktoriko) is conferred after public defense of a thesis. The research must be original and show advances in research and science. A Master’s degree is required by most universities for attending doctoral studies. A doctoral thesis requires at least three years’ study from the time the student enrolled in the doctoral study course.


    Several Greek Governmental Institutions offer every year various scholarships to Thai nationals for different kind of studies, namely under- and postgraduate, doctoral studies and research, studies of Greek language and civilization.
    Scholarships of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers several scholarships to Asian nationals who want to pursue their studies at a Greek University in every department but theological (Bachelor and Master Programs, Doctorate Studies).
    Scholarships of the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs offers the following scholarships to Thai citizens:

    • two-year scholarships for postgraduate studies
    • one-year scholarships for studies in Greek language
    • three-month scholarships for post doctoral research

    Scholarships of the State Scholarships Foundation (Idryma Kratikon Ypotrofion, IKY)

    • eight-month scholarships for attending Greek language and civilization seminars
    • one-year-long scholarships for postgraduate and doctoral studies, with possible renewal every year up to five.

    For all the above scholarships the Embassy of Greece in India is responsible for gathering the applications, choosing the potential scholars and forwarding their files to the Greek Ministries or IKY foundation. Interested candidates are requested to keep a constant eye on the web pages of the above institutions.
    Non Government institutions also offer various scholarships, for example: The Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation offer several scholarships a year for a 6- or 12-month internship stay in Greece for students pursuing their doctoral studies( www.onassis.gr ).And so do independently various Greek Universities. If you are looking for Greek Universities scholarships and foundations, if you are interested in studying in Greece and if you are looking for financial support, we strongly recommend that you reach our counselor who would assist you to find all the information on available scholarships and also details of Greece foundations (section Study & Research in Greece). Our aim is to make it easier for those interested in studying in Greece  as well as those providing assistance and advice in ESC’s office to find details of existing grant programmes and to guarantee that the information about these programmes is always up to date.

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