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    Scholarship Assistance

    Scholarship Assistance
    We provide complete information about various scholarships offered by different Universities.

    The Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

    Erasmus Mundus is the flagship scholarship programme of the European Union. It provides funding opportunities for students and academics worldwide to study or undertake research in Europe.

    The Erasmus Mundus programme offers special courses at a selected group of universities at both Master’s and Doctorate levels. This consortium (or cluster) of universities comprises institutions from three or more different EU Member States. The scholarships are only available for the specific courses offered from these universities. Students must study in 2 or more  universities and upon completion, they will receive a joint degree, a double degree or even multiple degrees.

    Funds are also available for scholars to carry out teaching or research assignments at the institutions participating in the Erasmus Mundus Master’s Courses.

    Erasmus Mundus courses and degrees

    Courses at the Master’s level are open to graduate students who already have a university degree.

    Please contact us for the detailed list of eligible courses at the Master’s level for funding.

    Please contact us for the detailed list of eligible courses at the Doctorate level for funding.

    Financial assistance

    Student scholarships are valued at approximately €24,000 per year. The scholarship covers tuition fees, travel and living expenses in Europe for the full duration of the course. Scholar scholarships range from €2,400 for a two-week stay, to €14,800 for a three month working assignment and cover travel and living expenses.

    Conditions of Eligibility

    You can apply for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship if:

    • you are not a resident of any of the EU Member States,
    • you have not carried out your main activities (studies, work, etc.) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in any of the EU Member States, and,
    • you fulfill the admissions criteria as specified for each course.

    How to apply?

    Unfortunately, there is no common or standard application form and deadlines for Erasmus Mundus Master’s Courses or Joint Doctorates. Students must apply directly to the group of university offering the Erasmus Mundus Master’s Course or Joint Doctorate of their choice by following the application procedures specific to that consortium (students may only apply up to a maximum of three disciplines). When enrolling in an Erasmus Mundus Master’s Course or Joint Doctorate, students are encouraged to apply for the Erasmus Mundus scholarship at the same time.

    Apart from Ersamus Mundus Scholarship, European Universities offer full or partial tuition fee waiver scholarships for master degree level study programs. Most scholarships are granted in the framework of university or institutional co-operations. Students may then contact the office of International Relations of their respective universities to get more information about the scholarships available. If you are interested in studying in Europe and if you are looking for financial support/Scholarship/full or partial tuition fee waiver, we strongly recommend that you contact us to find out all the information on available scholarships

    Selection process

    • The Erasmus Mundus Consortium selects the applicant students and scholars on the basis of their study and academic merits, motivation, recommendations, language skills, etc.
    • The Consortium proposes a list of successful applicants for final approval by the EC Headquarters in Brussels.
    • The EC confirms this selection and assigns the grants.
    • The Consortium will communicate to applicants if they have been accepted for the course and if they have been awarded a scholarship (Notification of acceptance is normally in May)


    One of the vital steps that involve your future prospects is selection of a university. There are numerous universities across the globe which offer admissions to students, but one needs to carefully inspect various aspects before finally deciding to apply, as the university is the place where the student is going to invest his valuable time and energy to gain knowledge.

    Few of the aspects students need to review before applying:

    • Cost of study at the University
    • Availability of financial assistance
    • Availability of interested field of specialization
    • Employment opportunities for the course applying for.
    • The prospects of further education at the university.
    • What sort of accreditation does the university have?
    • Flexibility of transferring to other courses or programs within and outside the university
    • Student-staff ratio
    • Faculty and infrastructure
    • The geography of the university…etc

    The student’s knowledge and discretion play an essential role in choosing a university. In fact, if you look at the university websites almost all Universities have an attractive appearance. But in reality, some are a lot different. Some Universities have huge campuses spread across acres of land and some are too small to be actually called a University. But still, all Universities present an almost equal appeal on the web. And an unsuspecting student can easily be misled into joining a less reputed institution.

    This is where our professional guidance comes to rescue. Our substantial years of experience in the field taught us how to cull out relevant information from various sources and present you with the best possible options. We evaluate, test, reconfirm, so you don’t make a wrong move. A step in the wrong direction can be irreversibly expensive in this current fast-paced lifestyle.

    At Dencorp International Ltd , we go through the pain so you don’t have to. We empower you with all relevant knowledge. Whether it’s about Universities, Academic Programs, Financial Aids, etc; you could trust us to provide nothing but the best. Our Student advisors, managerial staff, research team and the top management are ever at call to help you touch new horizons in life.
    Scholarship Assistance
    We provide complete information about various scholarships offered by different Universities.