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Fast Facts
Capital: Beijing
Population: Approximately 1.3 billion
Size: Approximately 9.6 Mio km2
Time Zones: UTC +8
Currency: Renminbi;
Official Language: Mandarin

Information about China
It is a country of superlatives: China has the oldest living culture and, in geographical terms, is the third largest country of the world after Russia and Canada. With 1.3 billion inhabitants, it also has the largest population in the world.

China’s economy is booming like no other and it is, without a doubt, one of the major economic powers of the world today. With new streets, train lines, airports, water and electricity supply as well as energy and telecommunication networks being built, the rapid expansion of China’s infrastructure draws many investors into the country and has opened exciting job opportunities. More and more European companies have also been drawn in by this emerging economical force. This immense appeal also attracts a growing number of international students. Currently, 77,000 young scholars from over 170 countries study in China.

The Chinese academic landscape consists of approximately 3,000 higher education institutions. 1,300 of these are state-owned and 1,200 are privately run universities and colleges as well as many educational institutions.

The state-owned selected universities are of extremely high quality. To compete in the international education market, most Chinese higher education institutions offer their studies in English. English is also the business language of the leading Chinese companies. Knowledge of Mandarin is not essential, but it definitely makes daily life easier.

Those who wish to later compete internationally will have a great opportunity to improve their necessary soft skills while studying in China such as gaining insight into the traditional Chinese understanding of value and rules, basic knowledge of the Chinese language, social competencies and flexibility. Studying in China provides the best prerequisite to become part of the global labor market.

Beginning of Semester
February and September

Expenses per Semester
6,250 – 6,500 EUR including accommodation

All visa formalities are processed through the university.


  • Yes.China is new in terms of providing education to global students but has made its firm place rapidly and is pulling the crowd at much higher rate with its cheap yet quality driven education structure.

Any country student can apply for an admission to study MBBS in China. For MBBS degree, your HSC (12th) marks has to be minimum of 50% in PCB (physics, chemistry & biology) subjects.

The total duration of MBBS course is 5 years, followed by 1 year of internship. The last year of internship can be done in your own country or in China.

Graduates from the medical universities are eligible to take the Medical Licensing Examinations held by the medical councils in different countries such as MCI, PMDC, USMLE, HPCSA, SCFHS etc.

A Chinese language course is compulsory in every university which offers MBBS in English. Even if classes are conducted in English, the language spoken in daily life in China is essential for students when they leave the classroom. It is helpful for international students to know Chinese.

According to government regulations in China, international students cannot work during their studies. However, part-time work or internships are sometimes allowed.

A student needs to submit following documents along with the visa application:

  • A valid passport as well as a copy of its information page. Your valid passport must have at least six months of remaining validity and at least one blank visa page in it.
  • Application form: One completed Visa Application Form with genuine information and your signature.
  • Photo: one recently-taken 2×2 square inch sized colour photo glued or stapled to the application form.
  • An original and a photocopy of the Letter of Admission, Foreign Student Visa Application Form (JW202) issued by the relevant Chinese government unit.
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